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  • Consolidated Financial Highlights 2022
    Consolidated Financial Highlights 2022

    We thank our customers for their trust and for providing purpose and lastly our communities for making us better and stronger together.

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  • Consolidated Financial Highlights 2021
    Consolidated Financial Highlights 2021

    Our loyal clients and dedicated employees showed resiliency, flexibility and perseverance through lockdowns and uncertainty. We are very proud and grateful to them for our net performance improvement.

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  • Annual Report 2019
    Annual Report 2019

    During 2019, the country continued the rebuilding of the island, with post-Irma construction nearing its conclusion.

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  • Annual Report 2018
    Annual Report 2018

    The country of St. Maarten, its Economy and its Community went through 2018 rebuilding after the devastation of hurricane Irma in September 2017.

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  • Annual Report 2017
    Annual Report 2017

    The year 2017 will be remembered as when St. Maarten was devastated by the one of the most powerful hurricanes in history to pass through the Caribbean. Up until the second quarter of 2017, St. Maarten’s economy was on a growth path.

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  • Annual Report 2016
    Annual Report 2016

    St. Maarten held general elections in September 2016 and this resulted in a coalition government between the National Alliance, Democratic Party and the United St. Maarten Party, with Mr. William Marlin being the Prime Minister.

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  • Annual Report 2015
    Annual Report 2015

    December 1st, 2015 marked the 55th year of operations for The Windward Islands Bank. The Bank performed considerably well given the challenging business environment in St. Maarten, the more difficult economies of Saba and St. Eustatius and the persistent low interest rate environment.

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  • Annual Report 2014
    Annual Report 2014

    2014 was a good year for WIB. We performed considerably well given the challenging business environment in St. Maarten, the more difficult economies of Saba and St. Eustatius and the persistent low interest rate environment.

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  • Annual Report 2013
    Annual Report 2013

    In June 2013, our bank opened it newly renovated main branch in Pondfill with an elaborate inauguration ceremony attended by various dignitaries, Board members, staff and the public.

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  • Annual Report 2012
    Annual Report 2012

    During this year we have continued the reorganization efforts, streamlining our administrative services to reduce expense and increase revenues to improve productivity.

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  • Annual Report 2011
    Annual Report 2011

    Notwithstanding the difficult economic times, our Bank has not deviated from its principal rule of “Giving back to the community that has been good to us” as we remain very committed to our staff taking part in many benevolent organizations throughout the island.

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  • Annual Report 2010
    Annual Report 2010

    In December 2010 our Bank celebrated its 50th Anniversary with many activities involving the youth, our senior citizens, our customers and many other worthy causes in our community.

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  • Annual Report 2008
    Annual Report 2008

    In June 2008 it was the first time for MCB and WIB to jointly hold their Annual Supervisory Directors and Shareholders meetings and on theisland of St. Maarten and as part of that event we organized a groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion and renovation of the Main Branch in Pondfill.

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  • Annual Report 2009
    Annual Report 2009

    The Bank introduced a Sales and Service program, in order to move to a customer-focused sales and service orientation, so that we remain competitive in our industry. We recognize that in order to succeed, we must transform our business so that the customers’ needs are central to everything we do.

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  • Annual Report 2007
    Annual Report 2007

    The excellent results recorded in 2007 were proof of WIB’s active participation in the profitable opportunities and challenges present during another year of growing economic activity.

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  • Annual Report 2006
    Annual Report 2006

    The year 2006 has been another year with fierce competition in a rapidly growing and continued dedication to our policy of good corporate and social responsibility with a strong involvement in the needs of our changing community.

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  • Annual Report 2005
    Annual Report 2005

    Our BankCard Services has scored nicely by increasing its volumes and margins as WIB continues to be the leader for handling and processing of credit card sales for businesses.

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  • Annual Report 2004
    Annual Report 2004

    Lower interest rates on the competitive local financial market placed pressure on the Interest income of the Bank but we managed to keep the yield within the projections by successfully organizing aggressive marketing campaigns in the consumer and mortgage market. 

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