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Clean up in Philipsburg

WIB Volunteers cleaned up 23 Bags of trash in Philipsburg area

On Saturday 18 May 2019, WIB employees were seen near the parking lot next to the government administration building and on the Ring road (between GEBE and Blue Point) picking up discarded trash. The thrash picked up included; plastics, aluminum cans, and glass bottles.

In total 23 construction bags were filled and discarded in the dumpster. 

The Clean-Up was organized to keep the Island clean from debris and preventing drainage blocks.  We also encountered two good Samaritans, one offering Case of Water to the volunteers and the other promising Coconut water WIB employees had a great time and felt positive to have assisted with the clean-up. 

WIB wishes to urge our community to practice recycling and get the trash in the dumpster.