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WIBDirect Business

WIBDirect Business is the internet banking service of The Windward Islands Bank

Enables small to medium sized business customers to do banking from a personal computer anywhere, anytime. Business Clients are able to monitor accounts, loans, credit cards and time deposits.

For additional information please check our Online Banking brochure, or contact us by email [email protected] or call (1-721) 546 2880 / 2881.

Easier Payments from Customers

Your Company has the option to be added to the Vendor List on WIB's Online Banking System free of charge. Any of your customers with WIBDirect will be able to select your accounts in the Vendor list, making it easier, more convenient and faster for your customers to pay you via an online transfer.
If you would like to add your business to the Vendor List, Download The Vendor Application Form, complete it and forward it to: [email protected].
You can also address the document to Jeffrey Rombley and drop it off at the Nearest Windward Islands Branch.


For more information check our page about Payroll Automation.

WIBDirect Business is suitable for businesses which would regularly require:

  • Maximum of 20 payments to third parties of USD 15,000 / ANG 25,000 per day.
  • Maximum of 5 wire transfers of maximum USD 15,000 / ANG 25,000 per day (excluding payroll).

If you are planning on doing more transactions, check WIBDirect Corporate.

Play demo videos:

Your Accounts with WIB Online Banking
Making a local payment with WIB Online Banking
Your Accounts with WIB Online Banking

Apply for WIBDirect

  • View your transaction history.
  • Print Online Statements.
  • Verify status of individual checks.
  • Order checkbooks.
  • Easy Charge (Reload your cell).
  • Check the balances on your account(s).
  • Access via the WIB Mobile App for smart phones.
  • Pay bills or make payments, locally and internationally with WIB E-payments.
  • Works with business account, credit card, business loan, insurance accounts.

To subscribe to WIBDirect Business, you need:

  • An active business account(s).

Important message for WIBDirect Business users

Dear valued client,

Please be advised that access to the WIBDirect Business will be discontinued at September 15, 2023.

In order to avoid a service interruption, activate yourself on the new WIB Business Online banking platform today!

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