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Branch Services

We all trust that we are safe in the comfort of our homes and your partner in progress is confident that we are.

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Local / Foreign Cashier's Cheques

The Windward Islands Bank Ltd. offers both local and foreign cashier's cheques.

  • Local Cashier's Cheque: The Windward Islands Bank Ltd. offers Local Cashiers Cheques as some suppliers on the island only accept these cheques as a form of payment. These cheques will always be honored as the funds are deducted from the customer's account prior to issuing the cheque.
  • Foreign Cashier's Cheque: The Windward Islands Ltd. Bank offers Foreign Cashier's Cheques.

To get local / foreign cashier's cheques:

1. Required documentation in preparation for an appointment:

  • An existing business bank account with The Windward Islands Bank Ltd.
  • Valid Picture ID.
  • Correct Beneficiary Name.

​2. Visit the nearest branch.

Cash Advance

Cash advance provides credit card customers the possibility to withdraw cash within the branch (no pin), or ATM (pin necessary).

Foreign Currency Exchange

Foreign currency exchange provides customers local cash for foreign exchange currencies.

Night & Day Deposit

“Disposable” night deposit bags are designed primarily to provide a safe depository for the cash receipts of customers who operate evenings and weekends and who do not have satisfactory safe protection against fire and theft at their place of business (or elsewhere).

There are several benefits to the use of disposable bags:

  • Faster processing of the deposits.
  • Improved efficiency in your administration.
  • There is no need for clients to come into the Bank daily to pick up their night deposit bags.



Customers who wish to make use of the Night Depository must complete and sign a Night Depository Agreement with the respective preferred WIB branch.

On the agreement the following information should be correctly recorded and verified:

  • Date;
  • Company name;
  • Account number;
  • Signature(s).

​Please also be informed that as part of this procedure, clients are required to retain a copy of the deposit slip(s) for their record. Verification of deposits can be done via our convenient online banking service. If you do not have this service, please contact anyone of our Sales agents to sign you up.



Clients will be required to purchase the disposable night deposit bags at WIB for fee of NAF. 0.45 (Forty-five Guilder cents) per bag. Bags will be available for sale in packs of 100 @ NAF. 45.00. Of course, it is recommended that clients purchase a working supply to ensure continuity of deposits. With the disposal bags, clients will be allowed only three (3) deposit slips per bag.

We are convinced that the introduction of disposable night deposit bags will significantly increase the night deposit processing and availability of funds on your account(s).

We appreciate your business and continue to be Your Partner in Progress.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Our Safety boxes are recommended form of storage for your precious valuables. These boxes are offered to all WIB clients and are charged an annual rental fee for the boxes. Safety Deposit boxes can be found at the following branches: Main Branch, Simpson Bay and St. Eustatius.

Product Features:

  • Client access only.
  • Complete discretion.
  • 4 box sizes to choose from.
  • Annual payments.

1. Requirements:

  • Valid identification.
  • Funds for size of Safety Deposit Box needed.
  • A WIB Savings / Current account (Account must be open for at least 3 months).

2. Visit the branch you prefer to open a safety deposit box.

Stop Payments

To stop payment on a check issued, visit nearest convenient branch and provide copy of the check (or the date, amount, beneficiary and account number) and the reason to request a stop payment.