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WIB takes mobile banking to the next level by offering WIB Mobile on the App Stores, worldwide.

WIB Mobile can be used if you already have an Online Banking Account (WIB Personal Online Banking, and for businesses: WIB Business Online Banking, or WIBDirect Corporate).

  • Direct access to WIB Mobile without the need to start up the mobile browser and type in the URL.
  • Access the most useful Online Banking features like balance inquiry, funds transfer and real-time payments.
  • View credit card available balance and increase it in real-time by making a payment.
  • Available via 4G, 3G, Edge or GPRS on your mobile device, or worldwide at any WiFi Hotspot without the need for expensive roaming.
  • No SMS capability required (which saves you as much as f. 0.25 per SMS message).
  • Free App available for your Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
  • Free App available for Android smartphone or mobile device.
  • Free regular updates with new features and enhancements.
All you need are your WIB Online Banking user ID, password and e-Pass. Available worldwide via 4G, 3G, Edge, GPRS and WiFi, at no extra charge. Just find an Internet connection and you’re all set.
WIB Mobile uses a secured connection and Multi Factor Authentication. Your personal information remains private and is always protected.
WIB Mobile gives you access to WIB accounts held in St, Maarten. CMB, MCB Bonaire and MCB Curaçao account holders, please check out our other apps.
Available in English, Dutch, Papiamentu and Spanish

Go to Google Play or the App Store and download this free WIB Mobile App:

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