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Our credit card options

At our bank, we offer a range of credit card options to suit the needs of our customers.

Personal Card Products
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Open a Bank account

Receive your salary or other income quickly and safely and manage your day-to-day expenditures easily from your versatile Current Account.

Current account
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Looking for a new Car? Have you considered a car loan?

Here you can find everything you want to know about getting a car loan.

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Do you need more information about insurances? This is the page you need, here you can find everything about our insurances.

About insurances
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Youth savings account WIB Mobile
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We help people and businesses prosper, because we care.

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The WIB bank is a financial institution that is known for its commitment to providing top-quality services and products to its customers. With a team of dedicated professionals and a focus on innovation, the WIB bank is a trusted partner for individuals and businesses alike.

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