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Payment Solutions

The Windward Islands Bank offers numerous effective payment solutions to assist your business with secure trade payments to suppliers (via Commercial Letter of Credit).

Our Bank also offers payment solutions to allow more convenient payments from your customers as well as to make automatic periodic payments to third parties (i.e. GEBE / UTS / TelEm).

Letter of Credit

Many international suppliers may request a letter of credit as a guarantee of payment for shipping goods. The Windward Islands Bank offers two types of Letter of Credits.

  • A Commercial / Documentary Letter of Credit, as a primary payment mechanism for a transaction. This Letter of Credit should be requested when the supplier is expecting to receive payment for their shipment from or through The Windward Islands Bank that issued the Letter of Credit rather than from your business. This Letter of Credit is a guarantee of payment for a single transaction / shipment from a supplier. If your business has multiple transactions / shipments throughout the year from one supplier, it may be more appropriate to consider a Standby Letter of Credit.
  • A Standby Letter of Credit, as a secondary payment mechanism. A Standby Letter of Credit is a guarantee of payment in the event that your business defaults on a payment. It is used when the delivery of goods is in form of partial or multiple shipments and is not restricted to a single transaction. This Letter of Credit can be utilized for subsequent business transactions over a period of time on a continuous basis to the extent of limit sanctioned.

To get a letter of credit or for more information, follow the procedure:

1. Schedule an appointment or simply contact for more information: Gwendolyn De Cuba at [email protected] or call (1-721) 546 2109.

2. Required documentation in preparation for an appointment:

  • A proforma invoice.
  • Chamber of Commerce Excerpt, Shareholder Registry and Articles of Incorporation for the Business.
  • Picture ID of managing director(s) and owner(s) of the business.
  • 3 years of most recent Financial Statement and 3 year projections.
  • Recent Salary slip of Owners (if they receive a salary from the business).
  • For purchasing equipment: Quotations of equipment to be purchased.
  • For purchasing property: A recent appraisal of existing property (and any additional developments for which financing is being requested).
  • All required permits for business and building (if applicable).
  • Documentation on third party requirements for the Letter of Credit.

Pay Your Bill Automatically (TelEm / UTS / GEBE)

The Windward Islands Bank offers its clients the ability to pay your monthly utility, telephone or any other bills by deducting the payments automatically from your account and making the payment directly to the third party.

To set-up automated payments follow the instructions:

1. Go to Third Party Company i.e. TelEm / UTS / GEBE and request an automatic payment contract for the funds to be deducted automatically at the end of the month from your Windward Islands Bank account.

2. Bring the document to nearest branch at the Sales and Service Office to be stamped by the Bank.

3. Return the document back to the respective third party company.

Pay Online

Once you have an account, sign up for our Online Banking Services and pay all of your local and international bills online via wire transfers.

Local / Foreign Cashier's Cheques

The Windward Islands Bank offers both local and foreign cashier's cheques.

  • Local Cashier's Cheque: The Windward Islands Bank offers Local Cashiers Cheques as some suppliers on the island only accept these cheques as a form of payment. These cheques will always be honored as the funds are deducted from the customer's account prior to issuing the cheque.
  • Foreign Cashier's Cheque: The Windward Islands Bank offers Foreign Cashier's Cheques.

To get local / foreign cashier's cheques:

1. Required documentation in preparation for an appointment:

  • An existing business bank account with The Windward Islands Bank.
  • Valid Picture ID.
  • Correct Beneficiary Name.

2. Visit the nearest branch.

Standing Orders

Arrange to have monthly fixed payments transferred to accounts i.e. for monthly savings. Standing Orders can be arranged at any of our branches and may also be established as recurring transfers via WIB Business Online Banking or WIB Direct Corporate.

Easier Payments from Customers

Your Company has the option to be added to the Vendor List on WIB's Online Banking System free of charge. Any of your customers with WIB Business Online Banking will be able to select your accounts in the Vendor list, making it easier, more convenient and faster for your customers to pay you via an online transfer.

If you would like to add your business to the Vendor List, download the vendor application form, complete it and forward it to: [email protected].
You can also address the document to Jeffrey Rombley or Marsha Richardson and drop it off at the nearest Windward Islands Branch.

Receive Credit Card Payments

For more information consult Merchant Services.

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