Business Cards

Credit Cards

The Windward Islands Bank offers three variations of business credit cards; Visa Business Card, MasterCard Corporate Card, and Aadvantage MasterCard Black Business.

All Credit Card Transactions can be monitored and paid with our WIB Business Online Banking or WIBDirect
Corporate online Service. Multiple users may be added to one credit card number.

  • Worldwide Acceptance.
  • Worldwide Cash Advance.
  • Make Credit Card Payments Online.
  • Fraud Protection
  • Upon receipt of Business Credit Card, you will receive a pin. This pin allows your credit card to be used similar to a debit card to receive cash from ATM Machines.
  • Business Clients may add a U.S. Billing Address to the Business Credit Cards by contacting one of our Sales & Service Officers.

Get a Business Credit Card

Required elements:

Visit our Sales & Service Officers at one of our branches.

Mastercard aadvantage black business
WIB AAdvantage® Mastercard Black Business ™ Card
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Mastercard executive corporate
WIB Mastercard Corporate
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Visa business
WIB Visa Business Card
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