New Personal Online Banking

Safe & Secure Online Banking

“User id” is now referred to as “user name

We have revised the sequence of the Login steps. Now you can enter your password and e-pass values after confirming your “user name”, which remains the last 7 digits on your
Bankomatiko/Maestro debit card.

Full login and registration process required

As this is a new system, all customers are required to complete the registration process so we can protect you even better.

Make a safe password

Now you can change your password yourself, without the need to contact the Bank to adjust your password. When creating a password make sure your password is at least 9 characters long, consists of letters and numbers including at least one upper case letter. As a safety feature you will be required to update your password every 60 days.

Register your phone number as specified

When updating your contact details especially your phone number, enter the phone number in the specified format: +721 XXXXXX (for local phone numbers). Remember to use a space in the area code.

Use current e-pass values

Your current e-pass will remain valid for the new Personal Online Banking platform. There is no need to request a new e-pass.

WIB Mobile Banking

Once installed you can turn access to Mobile Banking off via your browser version. This is a safety feature in case your phone is lost or stolen.

Mobile responsiveness

Now the screens will adapt to your phone, tablet or computer, making it easy to use all functionalities of Online Banking on any device.

Account Information

All Account information listed

After you log in you will get an overview of all your accounts (debit and credit)
showing the available and current balances of each account.

General Terms & Conditions

With the new Online Banking platform you are required to accept the WIB General Terms & Conditions before being able to proceed.

Daily Exchange Rate available

View the daily exchange rates upon login. There is no need to check any other webpages.

Detailed Transaction history

You can click on any account when logged in to see your Account Details. A detailed transaction history will be shown. You can even add filters to further specify results of transaction histories.

Create your own vendors list

Add your own vendors to your regularly made payment list. That way regular payments will be easier to manage.

Demo/ tutorials available

In case you need quick reference or help you can take a tour of the WIB Online
Banking service via the available Demo’s located on our website.

Dutch language selection available.

Besides the English language you can also select the Dutch language for your
browser version.

Payments & Transfers

Free of charge

All personal payments and transactions remain free of charge. Standard fees may apply for international payments only.

More transactions and higher limits

You can schedule as many transactions or payments needed per day provided you don’t exceed the increased daily transaction amount limit.

Automatic calculation and exchange rate conversion

You can specify a payment amount in foreign currency and the system will automatically calculate the conversion for you.

Cyber receipts available

You can download, save and forward your cyber receipt as a proof of payment in seconds.

Personalized payment templates

Create, customize and save your own payment templates, especially for frequently made payments.

Personalize your accounts

You can customize your accounts by creating the account name of your preference.

Wire transfers from Mobile App

Now you can easily create and submit wire transfers directly from your Mobile app.

Pre-authorization limit for payments

Create your payment templates and determine the maximum transaction limit for each. This will enable these payments to be made without additional authorization.

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