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Sentoo payment solution

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Discover Sentoo, the easy real-time local payment solution for your business

Sentoo is a local online payment solution that enables you (commercial clients) to offer online payments and provide customers the option to checkout and pay online with Sentoo, all in the local currency. Sentoo payments are made through an online payment from the customer's bank account to your WIB bank account.

To make a payment, customers use their (WIB) Mobile Banking app or (WIB) Online Banking website. Sentoo offers real-time confirmation for you and your customers. Create a smooth customer experience so you can deliver goods and services right away.

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What are the benefits of Sentoo?

The Sentoo payment solution offers secure and real-time payments in local currency, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free experience for your customers. With direct settlement of payments and automatic processing, there is no need for customers to manually enter payment details.

It also supports online payments, recurring billing, and provides additional payment links through checkout buttons and QR codes. The rates are transparent and affordable, making it an ideal choice for your business.

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How does it work?

With Sentoo, the buyer has the flexibility to select their own bank at checkout. Sentoo redirects the buyer to their bank's mobile banking app or online banking portal, where the payment details are pre-filled automatically. The buyer simply needs to approve the payment using the normal approval process.

The payment is processed instantly, and the funds are transferred to the merchant. Sentoo also provides real-time confirmations to both the buyer and the merchant, enabling further processing of the purchase.

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What are the requirements to apply for Sentoo?

Any business or organization that needs to collect payments can use Sentoo. Whether you are a small online webshop or a large corporate entity, Sentoo offers various ways to implement Sentoo Payments in your payment and invoicing flow.

As an WIB business client you already have an WIB business account and automatically qualify for Sentoo Payments. Simply go the the Sentoo website and chose to onboard as a Sentoo merchant.

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