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Important Information

The Windward Islands Bank hereby announces that effective Monday, May 1, 2023, the interest rates on personal savings accounts will be increased.

The main reason for this increase is due to the rising international rates since the Central Banks in the USA and Europe started to increase their official rates in order to combat inflation. As a result the market rates in the USA and Europe are also increasing.

The annual interest rate on WIB personal savings accounts (NAf.) will increase to 0.75%. (*NIR: 0.75%, **APY: 0.753%).

The annual interest rate on US$ Savings accounts at WIB will increase to 0.60%. (*NIR: 0.60%, **APY: 0.602%).

The current interest rate on Time Deposits at WIB will increase with 0.50% and will be renewed at the new rate (current Time Deposit rate + 0.50%).

Please note that the current 3% annual interest rate on the Youth Savings accounts will remain valid.

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