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Current account

A WIB current account allows you to deposit or withdraw funds on demand.

You can open a personal account at WIB in NAF, US$. With a current account at WIB you're able to keep real-time watch on your funds with Online Banking.

In addition, by getting a WIB Bankomatiko Smartcard linked to your account you're able to make electronic purchases globaly. Benefit from a WIB account, with ATM all around the island, and extensive services!

Administration & Reconciliation
Open a Current Account (Resident)
Open a Current Account (Non-Resident)
Administration & Reconciliation

The actual processing of updating new accounts to existing accounts, closing of accounts stop-payments handled in this department. Reconciliation is done to ensure that entries which have been submitted and processed correctly. All errors associated with incorrect entries, posting errors due to currency differences etc. are corrected.

Downloadable opening slips

Personal Savings / Current Account

Non resident Personal account

Student Account

Resident (Onshore) - Personal current / savings

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