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Bank Cards

2144 WIB Bankomatiko 86x54mm SXM 1
Bankomatiko Contactless Smart Card
The Windward Islands Bank, proudly presents to you the future technology in banking: ATM / Bankomatiko Smart Card.
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Credit cards
Travel the globe with WIB Cards for Worldwide acceptance & Cash advance access, Security with an EMV Certified Chip, and Fraud protection.
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Marie Touze 7417
Money Card
WIB Money Card is a prepaid card that makes life easier. Use the Visa Money Card in USD for local, international, and Online purchases.
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Internet Fraud Protection
Internet Fraud Protection
Balance Protection
Balance Protection
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Lost or stolen card
If your credit card / money card is stolen or lost, contact one of our Sales & Service Officer immediately.
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WIB Building
Do you have a concern about a merchant transaction on your WIB Visa or Mastercard credit card?
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