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Our Mortage helped us plan for growth

A mortgage is an important long-term investment that should be considered carefully.

Let WIB guide you in purchasing your first plot of land, your first house, to construct or renovate your home.

  • What documents should I bring when applying for
    a mortgage loan to purchase land or existing house?
  • What documents should I bring when applying for
    a loan to construct, to expand or to renovate a house?

Appraisal reports maybe requested from any of the following:

- IXI Design N.V.
(+1 721 544 4688)​

- Independent Consulting Engineers
(+1 721 542 2421)

- Knight Enterprise
(+1 721 542 2475)

- Jose Zimmerman
(+1 721 587 9558)

- David Morrison
(+1 721 542 2719)

- Sherylle De Haarte-Horsford
(+1 721 520 8544)

Review the Mortgage requirements here and apply for a mortgage!

You can also call us for more information: (+1 721) 546 2942

  • WIB Statement of Affairs (to be completed in full)
  • Valid picture-ID or passport- spouse also (with residence papers)
  • Statement of employment or Job Letter - spouse also ( addressed to WIB)
  • 2 last salary slips -spouse also
  • Utility bill or a Registration Form from the Census Office (Utility bill in customer’s name) (registration form not older than 6 months)
  • Rental contract with last 2 receipts (only for persons renting)
  • Your height, weight, doctor’s name and address, beneficiary, and list any sickness (for insurance purpose) - spouse also
  • Deed of property
  • Building permit
  • Contractor’s estimate
  • Sales and Purchase Agreement
  • Appraisal Report
  • Expected Rental income (if any).
  • Extract from the Kadaster (confirming ownership).
  • A copy of your Tax Form, Financial Statement for last 3 years (Persons who are Self Employed)
  • A copy of the excerpt from the Chamber of Commerce & Industry. (not older than 6 months)
  • A copy of the Financial Statement for the last two years.
  • A copy of the Articles of Incorporation. (Non-Profit Organizations).

Frequently Asked Questions on Mortgage Loan Applications

What documents should I bring when applying for a loan to purchase land or an existing house?
What documents should I bring when applying for a loan to construct, to expand or to renovate a house or building?
What is an appraisal report?
What other requirements should I consider when applying for a mortgage loan?
What is a Personal Statement of Affairs?
What are the standard costs that must be considered when applying for a mortgage loan?
What will the bank require as collateral?
What is collateral?
Do I need to have insurances in place?
How long can the repayment period be?
What are the factors determining the amount one can qualify for?
Can I use the income from my business and or rent as a source of repayment?
What is the interest rate for a residential mortgage loan?

Calculate your mortgage


This calculator is made available to you as a self-help tool for your independent use. All figures given on this website are for your general information only, and give an approximate guide to loan repayments and should not be considered as an advice from MCB. No rights may be derived from the provided information. MCB is not liable for any discrepancy in the loan calculations or comparisons or for any consequences of the use of the provided information. All loans are subject to approval and credit terms may vary. Please contact us for additional information and advice.

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