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Phishing scam

WIB protects you and teaches you how to protect yourself.

Beware of fraudulent and suspicious email:

We recently discovered a new phishing scam that attempts to convince clients to click on a link to synchronize WIB banking profile.

We will be informing our clients through messages on our WIB website and on our WIB Facebook page so they can spot suspicious email.

The spam message is ultimately a phishing scam that tries to lure our users to a phishing site to obtain banking account login credentials.

This is how to spot this malicious attempt.

Remember, we will never send you an email or text message to ask for confidential information such as your Mobile or Online Banking username, password, e-Pass values, your PIN code or any other personal information. Only when you call us about an issue, we will ask you to verify some of your information, for us to validate you as a genuine client. But even then, we will never ask for your password nor PIN code. These are and should stay strictly personal.

To learn more how WIB protects our clients and how clients can protect themselves please Get in touch.

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