Savings account

At WIB we can help you grow your hard earned funds by opening a savings account with us.

A savings account can be opened in either or both NAF and U.S. Dollar currency.

Check your savings growing with Online Banking.
Younger than 18? check our youth savings accounts!

Open a Current Account (Resident)
Open a Current Account (Non-Resident)
Open a Current Account (Resident)

Visit your preferred WIB branch contact us at 546 2942 for the following:

  • Copy of passport of all signing authorities on said account and also complete address information of all.
  • Latest utility bill(s). In the event that the utility bill is in the name of the land lord which you are renting from, provide the lease / rental agreement with a copy of the landlord's ID and the utility bill in the landlord's name. Alternatively a registration form at the Census can be provided as proof of address.
  • At least one acceptable bank reference on the accountholder(s) and authorized signatories.
  • Reference letter from employer (job letter) / recent salary slip.
  • Where it concerns new employees at a company, who are unable to furnish a salary slip, written confirmation of employment by that company is required.

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Downloadable opening slips

Personal Savings / Current Account

Resident (Onshore) - Personal current / savings

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