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Bankomatiko Contactless Smart Card

2144 WIB Bankomatiko 86x54mm SXM 1 resized

The Windward Islands Bank, proudly presents to you the future technology in banking:

Your Bankomatiko smart card holds the key to your banking services and is equipped with:

  • EMV certified Chip -providing a high level of security for the user.
  • Contactless payments possible "Tap & go"
  • Loyalty: earn Fun Miles with every purchase in the Dutch Caribbean

Contactless payments are easy and faster compared to regular chip or swipe transactions. When using your Bankomatiko Smart card at POS devices that are enabled for Maestro contactless transactions, it is not necessary to insert or swipe your card. Now you also have the option to make a contactless payment just by holding your card near the contactless reader of the POS terminal, also known as “Tapping” your card, where you will hear a beep or the screen of the POS terminal will light up to let you know that the transaction has been completed. Contactless purchases equivalent to or less than NAF 100 can be processed very quickly without a pin. For all transactions amount over NAF 100,- you have to insert your card and enter a PIN. Contactless transaction will make your shopping experience faster and efficient with email notifications of your payments. You Can recognize the Bankomatiko contactless smart card by the green contactless indicator in the top right corner.

We recommend reading or downloading; “Everything about your Bankomatiko Contactless Smart Card”.

Reminder to link your Bankomatiko smartcard contactless to your fun miles account number to earn points. You can link your fun miles card to your ATM card at all WIB branches or via WIB online banking.

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For any questions in regards to contactless payment with your Bankomatiko contactless smart card or to deactivate this service, please contact us at 546-2942

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