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Credit card claims

If clients have charges on their credit cards which they did not make and they would like to dispute the charge, a claim can be made.

There is a time limit to file disputes (for fraudulent disputes, the deadline is 60 days after the charge has been processed to a client's credit card).
Please fill out the form (see procedure on the right) and send in along with the necessary requirements mentioned as soon as possible. After 60 days, we will not accept any fraudulent disputes as this is a credit card requirement.

  1. 1. Download the Credit Card Claim Form, or the Debit Card Claim Form if it is for an ATM / Bankomatiko Smart Card.
  2. 2. Print a separate Claim Form for each amount which is being disputed (if the merchant differs). If the merchant is the same, you can mention 3 amounts per form. If the merchant differs, each merchant must be on a separate form, as each amount is disputed separately.
  3. 3. Sign each of the forms and enter your telephone numbers as well as a valid email address at which you can be contacted.
  4. 4. Attach a separate letter stating that you did not authorize the amounts in question and remember to sign the letter as well.
  5. 5. Attach a copy of your Passport.
  6. 6. Drop off all documents to the preferred Branch.
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